SPYING on KLAI's Secret Party! CAUGHT HER!
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  • The Ohana Adventure
    The Ohana Adventure

    We caught klai! Watch KLAILEA to see her party: uzload.info/fun/eoend5iotbCarok/video What should we film next?

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      Yosmery rose Jimenez yosmery

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    Brooklynn Putnam

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    Tech for Daddy

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    Evie Camacho

    I'm 11 years old and I would never do something like that cuz I would get my phone taken away and I would feel way too guilty to do that so I guess it's just a teen thing

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    Smriti Dahal

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    nagaraju nagaraju

    You are very very very very very very very bad parents


    Okay hold up... I know I'm late what did y'all see clay in the wine or champagne section she was in that section and I know y'all saw that whenever he was recording her

  • Celina_lilly Zoe
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    I don't get it why do not let her have fun and have friends around other why what the point he making fun memories with her friends

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    Lamees Alwan

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  • Lamees Alwan
    Lamees Alwan

    Hi 👋 I was going home 🏡 was the night you were coming home 🏡 was the day you are home

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